Scope of the Conference

The present Conference, jointly organized by the University of Patras and the International Center for Sciences and Hellenic Values, is the continuation of the First International Conference, title, “Ancient Greece and the Modern World”, which took place in Ancient Olympia, 28-31 August 2016, in the presence of the President of the Hellenic Republic and where the influence of ancient Greek Philosophy, Science and Technology on the respective contemporary knowledge was investigated. In the same context, this Conference aims at the investigation of the dramatic changes most rapidly occurring on earth, which, according to the practically unanimous view of the scientific community, have become critical in the sense that in rather finite time they may lead life on earth to extinction. Besides overpopulation, social inequality, globalization, all kinds of wars etc., the obvious inability of Man to conceive and control the nature of his relationship with the nature and in particularly with the environment is speeding up the way towards the final destruction of all forms of life on the planet. However, a search in the ancient Greek bibliography reveals that the relation between Man and natural environment with reference to the human nature was in depth investigated and the first rules of ecological ethics were formulated. Accordingly, humanity must proceed with the necessary measures most urgently, inhibiting or even reversing environmental degradation processes and ensure survival of life.The Conference is strongly interdisciplinary, therefore, specialists and researchers from areas of science and technology are invited to submit high quality, original and unpublished works in the following areas:
The Conference is strongly interdisciplinary, therefore, specialists and researchers from areas of science and technology are invited to submit high quality, original and unpublished works in the following areas:
(a) Investigation and assessment of the current situation of planet’s  ecosystem, factors encumbering the environment (climatic change, land, water and air pollution, sea and oceanic pollution, effects on human health, genetic and mental problems, waste management etc.), hazards resulting and predictions for future developments.
(b) Human values, Ecological conscience and Bioethics from the Greek antiquity till present. Human nature and the position of Man in the ecosystem. Natural vs. Artificial – from completion to degradation of Nature, Man as a cell of the planet.  
(c) Pedagogics and Law for the protection of the environment through the ages.
(d) Political Freedom and Democracy as related to environmental protection.
(e) Human brain and environment - Environmental Εpigenetics.
(f) Strategies suggested along with measures of alleviating or even inverting environmental degradation processes.

Submission of papers

• Abstracts of ca. 200-300 words must be first submitted, including title, name, affiliation and email of the author(s), accompanied by the table of para. 6 with his/her particulars.

• Papers can be submitted either for oral presentation or as posters.  

• The final manuscript can be of 3,000 words at the most (4.000 for invited speakers and for one (1) manuscript only), including figures and tables (each equivalent to 200 words).

• Manuscripts must be typed in Microsoft Word and include the following: (a) Title of work in capital letters, (b) Title, name and affiliation of the author(s) in low-case letters (c) The abstract approved, (d) The introduction and the individual chapters in decimal numbering and (e) The references at the end of in serial numbers (in the text are given in brackets).

• For poster papers 0.75 m2 wall surface per poster will be available as well as 5 min. presentation time.

Professor Venetsana Kyriazopoulou, MD.

The Rector of the University of Patras

Mrs. Aikaterini Panagopulos, President

International Center for Sciences and Hellenic Values.

Chairman of the Conference

Prof. Stephanos A. Paipetis

Professor Emeritus, University of Patras

Conference Vice-Chairman

Professor Polyxeni Nicolopoulou-Stamati

University of Athens


Professor Emeritus Ioannis Dellis

University of Patras

Professor Stavros Papamarinopoulos

University of Patras

Professor Demosthenes Polyzos

University of Patras

Professor Vassilis Kostopoulos

University of Patras

Dr. Eustacia Valiantza

University of Thessaly

INVITED SPEAKERS(Environmental Technology)

Professor Christos Zerefos

Academy of Athens

Professor Nicholas A. Ashford

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US

Dr Qamar Rahman

Amity University, Lucknow, India

Dr. Stella Canna-Michaelidou

National Committee for Environment and Children’s Health, Cyprus

Professor Spiros Pandis

University of Patras

Dr. Daniel Bassey

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, Nigeria

Dr.Devra Lee Davis

Founder and President of Environmental Health Trust, US

Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker

Christine von Weizsäcker

Professor Xenophon Verykios

University of Patras

Theodora Scorato

Environmental Health Trust USA

Dr. Evaggelos Vallianatos

Environmental Protection Agency, US

Professor Luc Hens

Assoc. Prof. Free University of Brussels

Dr. Karen Bernstein

Univ. of Louisianna Lafayette

Dr. Ramesh Kolluru

Univ. of Louisianna, Lafayette

Professor George P. Chrousos

Univ. of Athens

Marco Martuzzi

World Health Organization–European Centre for Environment and Health

Professor Emeritus Themistocles Lekkas

Former Rector, University of Aegean

INVITED SPEAKERS(History and Philosophy)

Professor Edith Hall

King’s College, London

Professor George Paxinos

University of Sydney, Australia

Professor Emeritus Ilias Mariolakos

University of Athens

Professor Theodore Scaltsas

University of Edinburgh

Professor George Anagnostopoulos

University of California, San Diego

Professor Stratos Theodossiou

University of Athens

Professor Lilian Karali

University of Athens

Assoc. Prof. Nicholas Tsiros

Pandeion University

Assoc. Prof. Yannis Kalogeracos

University of Athens

George Lekakis

Sociologist, folkrorist, writer, journalist

Ioannis Kapakis

Secretary General for Civil Protection

Dr. Munamato Chemhuru

University of Johannesburg

Constantine Kalachanis, Dr. of Philosophy

University of Athens


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The University of Patras

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The Conference will take place at the Conference Center of the University of Patras, University Campus, Rio, Patras, GR-265 04. The Opening Ceremony will take place on Sunday, 17 June 2018, at 18.00 and the Closing Ceremony on Wednesday, 20 June 2018, at about 18.00. Restaurant and parking facilities will be available. There are hotels of all classes both in the Rio area and in the city of Patras (distance 7 km, with regular bus connection). Depending on the circumstances, delegate transfer by special buses will be organized.


Hotels of all classes in the University area and in the City of Patras are available, some of them offering reduced prices for Conference participants (to be announced through the web page.)


Participants can take part to the following social and cultural events: (a) The Opening Ceremony and reception, (b) The official Banquet, (c) A tour of the City of Patras at sites of cultural interest, (d) A concert of music of the Greek Antiquity, (e) Trips to Olympia or Delphi (if sufficient number of participants are interested).

Agencies supporting the Conference

• The Union of Greek Physicists
• The Greek Mathematical Society
• The Society of Greek Mythology
• et al.